QuickTime no longer supported on Windows


Anyone looking at, or have, alternatives for QuickTime?

It’s been a classic tool for previewing animations, although outdated. Particularly scrubbing key frames, back-and-forth, was a big feature. I guess you have to use a Mac if you want to use it now.

But let’s say… A group of animators renders playblasts as .mov files… :):

With QuickTime uninstalled, rendering playblasts in Maya as .mov files doesn’t appear to work. Anyone else having this issue? If so, would anyone know of a way to point Maya to a separate rendering encoder for .mov files? It may be a longshot, to see if anyone else has this problem right now.


It’s not quite the same, but DJView is one of the most capable outside of Quicktime.


As far as rendering .mov files, I haven’t seen anything that provides a codec to Maya to let you do that outside of quicktime. You can always render to H264/.mp4 files. That’s what Quictime is using under the hood in most cases, and these files should play fine on either Windows or Mac. DivXshould have you covered on the codec front. (Note, I believe both Adobe Media Encoder and DivX require you to convert using their utilities. They don’t offer a Windows system level codec.)


Yeah, mov is just a container format, same with avi and mkv.
Does djview do frame by frame? That’s really the killer feature out of quicktime for me.


Am testing out DJView - this is actually quite rad! Looks like it works with most QuickTime codecs. I’ll keep testing and make sure it could be a solid alternative. Only drawback is no audio playback, which is all fine as long as you’re not lipsyncing/timing to audio. In that case, VLC or Media Player Classic may be viable alternatives.

And yeah, I forgot that the .mov format technically just uses H264 nowadays. If this all works out, we may just switch over to rendering out MP4 files either using H264 or the Xvid codec. Pending that both work as expected in DJV. So far this looks very promising.

@R.White - yeah it does frame-by-frame, in either direction


its sad, apple I’d like a refund of $29.99 if possible ^^ at least we still have mp4


If you’re still needing to playblast .MOV files out of Maya, you CAN install the codec parts of Quicktime without the “player” portion which has the security vulnerability. Our guys discovered this workaround:

Run the Quicktime installation, in “Custom” mode. Uncheck the Quicktime Player portion. The part you want to include on the install is “Quicktime Essentials”. This installs the codecs that Maya will use for encoding .MOV files.