Red9 ProPack - New Butterworth Filter for Maya


Butterworth filter

Vimeo Demo : Red9 ProPack - New tool Update - Butterworth Filter

Sorry for the shameless plug but I wanted to expose a new feature of the Red9 ProPack with you. For those who don’t know ProPack is growing massively, lots of back-end code to help TD’s manage projects, data and deal with complex animation.

This is particular feature is a massive deal for any animators dealing with dense baked data…. the StudioPack already has an interactive curve filter to deal with re-sampling animation curves but soon the ProPack will be getting an all new Butterworth algorithm, one of the main filter methods from MotionBuilder for cleaning up noisy data.

The Butterworth filter is actually derived from an audio filter so is superb at taking noise out and re-sampling animation data, we’ve taken this method and wrapped it into a neat, interactive tool inside Maya.

This will save anybody dealing with MoCap or facial data a massive amount of production time!!

many thanks



Nice!, any Eta for when we could give it a spin?:slight_smile:



It’s in testing at the moment and waiting client feedback but it should be available along with a number of other key upgrades to the ProPack in a few weeks hopefully :wink: