Remove from uv list


Hi I’m quite noob with maya script.
Can someone explain me this?
This is what I expect

a = [0,1,2,3]
print a
[0, 1, 2, 3]
print a
[0, 2, 3]

And this is my problem:

uvShellVerts =, fl=True)
print uvShellVerts
for mapOne in uvShellVerts:
     comparableList = list(uvShellVerts)
     comparableList = comparableList.remove(mapOne)
     print mapOne
     print comparableList
 [u'[0]', u'[1]', u'[2]', u'[3]', u'[4]', u'[5]', u'[6]', u'[7]', u'[8]', u'[9]'][0]

why None?
I expect the first list without the[0]


comparableList = comparableList.remove(mapOne) 

this was the error.

To many c like code in my life
this one is correct



Yes, that’s it: Any python funciton with no explicit return will return None. It’s basically void