Retargeting humanoid animations for cutscenes


I’m working on a Unity based game where we have multiple different humanoid characters with quite variable body sizes and shapes. We are implementing cutscenes using these characters, and for the sake of speed attempting to retarget the character animation in the cutscene for the different characters.
The character animations have been done in Maya, and the animator has set it up so the root position of the character doesnt move, but the hip position moves. This results in increasing position differences the further the hip position is from the root.
I’m wondering what the best sort of set up for this situation might be. I cant help but feel the current setup the animator is using just ain’t right. I should add that I don’t have extensive technical experience with animation or Maya, so be gentle!


Let me see if I understand the problem. Are you saying that the retargeted animations look wrong on their non-source characters, or are you still looking to find a way to do the retargeting? And are you using Mecanim?


Yes, using Mecanim. The actual retargeting of rigs works fine. It’s the retargeted animations that look wrong, but only when animated in such a way that the hip position relative to the root is far away. That is if the character/root is placed at 0,0,0 and the animation moves the hip say to a position say 10 units away.


Well I’m no expert on Mecanim but I can try to help talk through this. What happens if you play with the root motion settings on the affected rigs? Iirc there was also an option to choose a different object to use as the root, does anything change if you set that to the hip?