Siggraph 2016


Hey everybody,

Who is going to SIGGRAPH this year ?

I was thinking of organizing a tech art round table if there was enough interest.




I’m still finding out if I’m going or not but I’m pretty sure I am. I’d be down for a round table or dinner!


I’ll be there.

There are a lot of topics in techart, though. Might be wise to narrow down the list to something specific.


It might be just a diner in the evening as there was not much response so far :slight_smile:

Anyone knows of a good place to eat around there ? Otherwise I will use the glorious power of google maps


The Yelp says…


I’m planning on going, but it’ll be outta pocket this year.


I’m going. Look forward to seeing people there.


i’ll be the on the 26th


I will be there on the 22nd and the full week :slight_smile:


There was not so much response and I have been quite busy too. So no arrangements for diner so far.

So if you want to have lunch or meetup, add me on the Siggraph app : Robbert-Jan Brems and feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meet you all


Btw, we are recruiting technical artists and graphics programmers. If you have any interested in working with us, feel free to give a shout and we have a talk at Siggraph :slight_smile:


I won’t be going, but I could probably make a meetup as long as it isn’t too early in the day as I’d have a long drive from the Burbanks


Here is my Rigging Dojo post, I am around Monday Night and leave Thursday night, Happy to meet up for coffee, a talk , I am in the BOXX both and we have a Birds of a Feather Rigging Dojo is hosting that will I hope be a fun discussion and maybe some drinks after.


I’ll actually be doing a half-day then coming to the expo in the afternoon on Wednesday (just got that hashed out) so I’ll be there a little longer on that day. Then I’m thinking of coming in Tuesday night as well for the Nvidia thing. Maybe we’ll bump in to each other


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