Site is back up


More unplanned problems. Basically, vBulletin is awful software and was creating endless temporary files which eventually caused Windows to fall over and die. In fact, I still can’t delete the temp folder because Windows chokes on it!

The great news is, our backup system was working just as intended, so nothing should have been lost.

The bad news is, Windows hosting sucks, our Windows host sucks, and PHP sucks even worse than those. Maybe something we can do about that.

See you at GDC!


i have no greater hate for a language than that of PHP

Good to be back up though!


I always find myself deleting files on windows using the command line, skipping the trash bin, and if anywhere possible i just do a RD /S/Q on the folder i want removed.
Glad we switched to CentOs and Ext for our new asset server.


vBulletin is pretty stable on a unix host. While the things they did with version 4 made me want to yank hair trying to customize the theme, it’s still the best overall forum option when considering capabilities, customizability, and spambots avoidance. Once Xenforo gets a few more years on them they’ll probably get my business unless vBulletin gets their act together though.


I think that’s correct…