Some problem about Sprite Renderer batching in Unity



First,I must say sorry to everybody,because of my can’t find some suitable categories to put my topic.
In Unity, I am in trouble with Sprite Renderer batching.

I have 2 Sprites with same Packing Tag.
For Static Batching:
when I toggle Static to on, they can’t batching.

For Dynamic Batching:
Because of they both use Sprites-Default materials and same scale and rotation.But play scenes, DC not batching.

why??? how to save DC in the Sprite Renderer.


I’m afraid I haven’t touched this in a while, so I can only provide considerations. I can’t say what is wrong in your particular case.

-Having the same tag doesn’t guarantee that they will be packed together. If you have too many sprites too fit, they may end up in different sprite sheets. Also different compression methods will mean different sprite sheets. You should be able to see how they are being packed using the sprite packer.
-The sprite sheets need to be baked. Often this will happen at build time, you may not have them baked.
-“The sprite packing mode can be changed from Disabled to Enabled for Builds or Always Enabled”
-The order that the images are drawn is critical. If another sprite is in between, they may not draw at the same time.


Thanks for your reply. :smiley: