Store Path between Session



Hi guys, sorry for my noob question.
I’m really new in maxscript . I need to store a string between different session on max.
How can I do?


This isn’t the most elegant approach admittedly, but we’ve typically simply stored file/directory path strings (and strings that are not path strings for that matter) in plain text files. If the strings are only really relevant to a particular file, you can either store the string data in the user properties of a node in the scene or in the max scene file’s file properties. And you could also checkout Asset Metadata. I’ve never personally messed with the latter, but it seems like a pretty useful feature on first blush (especially if you’ll need to access the string data using an application other than 3DS Max).


yes this was my first idea.
As is just a temporary path my idea was to create a file in temp windows folder of the user.
But I thought , maybe there is a more elegant way.
I read about customAttributes . Shoud I use those or maybe I’m totally wrong?


Sorry, my first reply came in a bit hot. :relaxed: I have since flesh out the post a bit with some additional options.


At the end I wrote my strings into a file.txt
Thanks for you advice