Studio looking for Tech Artist, Beautiful and stylish adventure game, Barcelona


Hi, we’re a young studio from Barcelona, Spain, formed by a blend of veterans from the Spanish industry and some young blood.

We are looking for a talented technical artist / graphics artist with experience with Unreal Engine 4 for our upcoming game ARISE, to launch for PC and Consoles sometime during 2019.

We’re looking for someone with great talent and experience who can help us deliver a great looking game by working on materials, lighting and other graphics-related developments (waterfalls, rivers…), as well as giving support to artists and programmers.

Our project features a very personal style similar to the game RIME and Ghibli films, so we seek for people with artistic sensibility, not just technical prowess.

We offer very good contract conditions (and possibly royalty shares) to join our studio in the sunny and beautiful Barcelona for a minimum of 18 months in a beautiful game about an old man recalling memories of his life.

If you are insterested, please send us your portfolio to:
[email protected]

We’re under NDA contracts so we can’t share much of our game publicly, contact us if you are interested.