TAO Official Scripts


Any repositories with the user “tao_official” are administratively-controlled repositories, and are usually high-quality and useful scripts and functions, all in the public domain.

In particular, there are official ‘core’ libraries, for various languages (mxs_lib and there will be Maya and Python ones as well). They should be viewed as a required library for scripts in any tao_official repositories.

The official scripts are all tested and continue to undergo optimization. They cover any number of general topics- see here for complete documentation.

There should be a doc.html file located in each library repository that lists the documented functions and features of all files.

TAO encourages script writers to use generalized functions, both existing and new, when scripting. This way, there is minimal duplication, and those new functions can eventually be incorporated into the Functions Library. For more information about best practices, see [w]TAO:Code Conventions[/w].

If you would like anything added to the library- either your own functions or those of others, or have any questions or comments, please post here or contact me.


(I moved cyberdog’s post into the p4 thread).

I’m thinking of breaking out the tao functions into two libraries. One is the “core” library, which are a prerequisite of any TAO scripts (and a good practice is any script in the repositories at all). The other is the ‘function’ library, which contain non-vital function libraries, such as perforce integration, raycasting/intersection, xml, etc. Or should I just keep them together?

Also, I really need to run the autodocumenter, been putting it off… will do that this week.


Alright, did lots of work in my week home-
The documenters/doc_mxs.py has been run on whatever is up: There is now a doc.html file in any documented repos, that contain the documentation for the scripts and functions
(here is the doc for the function library).

I’ve uploaded a new core library script: osOps. These are for interacting with the OS. It has some useful functions worth checking out (download files, extract files, get empty directories, etc.).
I also uploaded xmlOps, which is a wrapper for working with XML in .NET. This was originally code by Davis Mackenzie, with some minor changes and his permission to host and change it.

Also, tao_official_tools/autoback.ms got a few changes to bring it up to date with my newest version (a couple bugfixes).


Alright well I’ve broken things up some more, because (whether intended or not) cgjedi’s comment ‘is this for Max-only TA’s?’ stuck in my mind.

I’ve broken up and re-arranged the repo’s. tao_official repo’s now have a language prefix, like ‘mxs_lib’ and ‘mxs_p4ops’. The way things were grouped before made no sense, really, when working with a DCVS (it was more of an SVN/single repository mindset). Each unique ‘project’ has its own repository. The core library is a total project, I would say, while xmlOps and p4Ops are specific unto themselves. Same thing with the now defunct ‘tao_tools’ which I’ve split into mxs_uiMgr, autoback, and added another tool to rg_scripts. I’ve also decided I need to be more careful with what I release under tao_official- I should be testing stuff on my personal branch first, just as if it were anyone else- once it works and people find it useful, then there can be a tao_official branch made (which is a slower-evolving stable branch).

I’ll also be working with some people to try to push some MEL and Python repositories in the coming weeks, because I’m getting tired of the max-centricity of everything here.

Also, original post in this thread has been updated.


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