To help members with needs such as this or this, I’ve set up an IRC channel. Instructions for use:

[li]Download an IRC client, such as mIRC, or if you are using FireFox, ChatZilla. I’d highly recommend ChatZilla if you are an IRC n00b or don’t want to set up another program.
[/li][li]Connect to freenode.net server, by typing “/connect irc.freenode.net” in mIRC, or “/attach irc.freenode.net” in ChatZilla.
[/li][li]Join our channel by typing “/join #techart”.
[/li][li]That’s it! You’re now in. Feel free to idle all day and wait around for people.
[/li][li]To change your nickname, type “/nick <nickname>”. To register it, type “/msg nickserv register <password> <email>”, then follow the confirmation instructions you receive by e-mail. The e-mail address must be valid.

As much as I like the permanance and archivability of forums and wiki info, some things are best left to chat. I will be idling there during the day and will try to get some others as well. It’d be nice if we could have some language/program experts in there to be on call for questions.


saweet. I will be camping out on that. I’m also a pretty accomplished Mel and Maya API guy and I’m pretty comfortable with python. Big thanks Rob!


Great way to eb able to learn from others. Thanks


Excellent, IRC is one of the more helpful time sinks on the net i’ve found, I’ll drop in when i remember!

You can also use a web client: mibbit.com if you are on a proxy


Very cool…i’ll definitely lurk and maybe have an opinion/helpful hint from time to to time…


Good stuff!


Awesome work Rob :slight_smile:


I haven’t been on mirc in years, gonna have to set this up!


We had a rip roaring good time today, great turnout. I even saw some people who never post, I don’t get that.


Lurkers are everywhere!


what a great idea!

I feel like a teenager again!


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man i would love to partake in this but our firewall blocks the port =\


Sorry to bring up an old post, but is it just me or is the freenode server down?
The applet I use to connect to it is not letting me see the disconnection messages, it just terminates on me.

On that note, I would ask if anyone knows a good web-irc thingo, as I’m too lazy to install any IRC applications.

Or a good irc application I could install. :nod:


It works for me,
I use Chatzilla plugin for Firefox
You can download it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/16


Here’s a browser based clinet:



Freenode apparently just started blocking Mibbit, so it looks like the webchat is where its at at for us firewalled types


Yes, it was mibbit giving me trouble. Will start using the freenode webchat. Thanks!


The IRC is still going strong during the work week/workday. Just thought I’d bump for anyone that is skiddish or may have missed it.