Tech-Artists.Org Google+ Page


That’s right folks we are all setup with the new Tech-Artists.Org G+ Page
Come on over and add the page to your circle so you can get all the updates on Live Hangouts, Presentations, Videos and more.

We are currently hosting Google Hangouts every Monday:

[li]GMT Hangout: 7pm GMT [/li][li]PST Hangout: 7pm PST [/li][/ol]
If we have more interest in other days we will consider adding additional Hangouts.

See you there!


I forgot to mention that after next weeks Hangout I will be only inviting people that have TAO+ (Tech-Artists.Org Google+ Page) in a circle. I have been currently only inviting people that I have had in my TechArt Circle, so if you want to hangout and get the updates please add TAO+ to your circle.

NB: TAO+ is unable to add you to a circle unless you add TAO+ first.
NBNB: Can you also insure that your profile has your job title so I can ensure that I am only adding the right people.



I have read that Google + helps the website to be recognized faster by people who are friend to the man who leave the “+” using Google +
In other words, the website with a huge amount of plus (Google +) gets a better networking…

Just saying…