The ideal role for a film maker



Evening Gents,

I am an aspiring film maker and wondering what kind of VFX role would be ideal for somebody who’s mission in life is to make a 119 minute animated science-fiction war film. If you like that kind of mix, check out

I wrote the raw story back in 1997 and then learnt how to convert it to Hollywood spec. Last year I did some studies on sound engineering. At the start of this year I did a full-time animation course and afterwards bought and taught myself mobu motion capture.

I live in London and there are quite few big VFX houses here, getting inside of them is proving to be tricky as runner which would suit my purposes well as I could find out what is being done in the various departments.

Couple of animators have recommended previz instead of becoming a generalist.

If you got some ideas how to get inside and once in, what role to work towards, happy days.

On that note, I bid you excellent end of summer!



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