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So our training budget for the art team just opened up where I work. I’m looking to get better in most areas, but specifically:
Shaders (beyond simple shaders, I’m eager to get into more advanced techniques like Raymarching and getting better at the math used in shaders)
Rigging/Animation in Maya/Unity (one of my weakest areas, as I come from a modelling & environment background)
Maya API (still stuck using PyMEL, would like to move beyond this)

Are there any courses or learning material that people can suggest? I’m currently the sole TA on a large project and responsible for pretty much everything tech-art related, so I really need to learn constantly to be the most useful I can.

They can be paid things, company will pay :).



For rigging, I’ve heard good things about

Not much help on shader resources, its a bit of weakness of mine as well these days.

Maya API, I’m pretty much entirely self taught there, and it was very much a “learn by doing” and just reading the docs (sometimes repeatedly) kind of learning for me.


There are a number of rigging tuts on Pluralsight, but the best one when I was going through them was Character Skin Weighting Techniques in Maya by Jeremy Ernst. The title says ‘skin weighting’, but he goes through a skeleton setup and provides some great info. His weighting technique seemed legit as well. Looks like they have a few advanced shader courses on there as well, so a P-sight sub might be a good line item for ya :slight_smile:

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Also, if you wanna do a deep dive, check out Cult of Rig