Which laptops to buy


Hi all, I apologize in advance if I am posting in the wrong thread but I am indeed in need for some advices.

Recently my macbook pro has finally died and now I am in search to buy a new computer. Seeing that I am unable to buy a desktop (no space for it), I am looking at portable units again. Workstation units may be out of the question as it is slightly expensive and may be out of my budget.

I did check out the list of hardware as recommended in Autodesk page but would appreciate if any could give me reviews on it as the range is pretty big (costs too!)

Even so, I chanced upon Dell XPS 18, an all-in-one desktop, which is a tablet hybird and it may be cater to my cause as I can use it not only at home but when I am outside too. Was wondering if anyone have used this unit and able to give me any reviews if it is good?

P.S: I am considering Microsoft Surface Pro series too since it is somewhat the same but the prices is slightly steeper

Many thanks in advance!


The sort of device (and maybe more to the point, the specs of the sort of device) that you should seek depends on what you’ll want to do with this device. For example, a powerful discrete GPU is a must if you’ll be doing anything graphically demanding with the device (e.g., gaming, heavy 3D content creation, or anything that takes advantage of GPU acceleration). Regardless of how you intend to use the device though, you’ll want a healthy amount of RAM (8GB as an absolute minimum in my opinion) and an SSD.