Worth it to go to School as a Composer?


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I’ve researched into this topic and even had an interview with a well-known composer about whether I should attend a music school. Acquiring the knowledge, contacts, and confidence in music makes attending one seem like a good choice.

Also, would my school of choice matter in this decision? In my case, the University of Southern California is the more accredited school for video game designers, but the University of Irvine is closer to home (where I won’t have to move away).

Any advice is appreciated.

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I don’t know how much help we can be, since most of us are on the visual side of things.

Generally in the art end of the business credentials don’t matter as much as portfolios. The primary value in a game-related degree is what connections, if any, a given program has with actual employers. The thing you want to ask any program is who they have placed with what companies – once there’s an established relationship between a school and an employer the degree may help open doors. Otherwise it’s an expensive piece of paper.

If you need the schooling to learn tools and techniques, you should shop based on prices and general reputation. If you’re looking to use the degree specifically for an industry (this is true for films as well as games) get solid answers about where former students have ended up, particularly how many. One hire does not prove a good relationship, but several may mean that the employer looks on that school as a reliable feeder.

Be very careful about going in to debt for a video game program. The games education business is unfortunately very full of expensive programs that don’t actually result in graduates finding jobs. If you can swing it a 4-year school with a game sub-program is often a better call, since you will always have a general purpose degree to fall back on if games don’t pan out.

You might have better luck with your question here: http://www.audiogang.org/


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