GDC 2018 TA Bootcamp Presentations

They’re here everyone! So much gratitude again for all the speakers this year and their quality work. I’m perpetually impressed with the quality content that comes out of the TA community. If you’ve got something you want to talk about next year, or think you want to speak but aren’t sure what to talk about, get @ me on Twitter!

Shaders 301 - PDF - Ben Cloward
Production Values: Improving Quality, Longevity and Scalability - PDF - Jodie Azhar
Zen in the Art of Rigging - PDF - Brian Venisky
Rigging with Triangles - PDF - Richard Katz
Identifying Technical Art by its Habits - PDF - Robbert-Jan Brems
Learning an Established Content Creation Pipeline, Workflow and Codebase - PDF - Ross Patel
Contributing to Open Source - PDF - Robert White
Procedural Islands of Dauntless - PDF - Mykola Konyk and Michael Trottier

Check back or subscribe often if you want to know when we get the HDAs from Mykola and Michael!


Really nice of you to share! I will link people here.

Thank you!

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thanks for sharing again this year! :smiley:

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